The smart and affordable way to fix sinking and unlevel concrete, Xcel Concrete Leveling!

With the holidays around the corner and family gatherings planned, Xcel Concrete Leveling knows keeping your home safe is your number one priority. Short of delivering cans of Lysol to fight the “virus,” we are here to help you reduce the risk, the risk of tripping on uneven or sinking concrete. Our polyjacking process is safe for the environment, offers quick results with short curing times, and is very accurate.

We see so many different situations that create the “perfect storm” for sinking or un-level concrete—such as concrete poured over the top of uncompacted soil, washout of soil, reduction in support, and different soil types. It is better to address sinking concrete issues early; after too long, there can be too much damage to repair easily.

Uncompacted soil can create a sinking concrete situation; when heavy concrete is poured on top of loose, uncompacted soil, the concrete can act as a compactor and press the soil down, thus creating a sinking concrete slab. When you start to wonder if it’s your imagination, your concrete slab is either rising or falling; it’s time to call a professional. Schedule your appointment with Xcel Concrete Leveling to obtain a free estimate on leveling your concrete walkways, driveways, pool decks, or stairs.

Washout is another possible cause for sinking or rising concrete. With all of the recent heavy rains, it is possible that the soil underneath your concrete slab could have washed away. If this happens, a void has been created, and there is nothing to support your concrete’s weight.
What about the support under your concrete pad? It is possible that only a section of the soil or support substrate could have been washed out. This scenario creates a situation where the existing soil supports part of your concrete, but now the washout created a void, and there is nothing supporting portions of the concrete pad.

Types of soil can play havoc on concrete pad stabilization. Different types of soil and fill dirt have different load-bearing capabilities. Loose-fill dirt has different settling rates vs. native undisturbed soil. Soil that is mostly clay will compact differently from soils that are more sandy. When you run into issues where your concrete is cracking or settling, it is important to call Xcel Concrete Leveling. We will come out and give you our honest and professional opinion on the options to level your concrete pad.

We are happy to help assess your concrete situation of sinking and/or unevenness. Call us today at 434-515-2151.


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