Temperatures are falling, winter is on the way. Don’t forget to winterize your concrete.

We all know that once father time “falls” back and we lose that one hour of sleep, winter is soon to arrive.

The change in seasons, time, and temperature puts us into gear to prepare our house, properties, and yards for the cold months. Xcel Concrete Leveling is the concrete lifting, leveling, and stabilizing professional in Central Virginia.

Experienced in the polyurethane foam industry for over 15 years, we know what to expect, what to look for, and how to handle all types of situations. We take our knowledge and help educate our customers, so they can make an informed decision.

We like to educate our clients on winterizing and preparing your concrete surfaces for those cold, upcoming months.

Xcel Concrete Leveling is the concrete lifting, leveling, and stabilizing professional in Central Virginia.


Here are some tips and information for winterizing your concrete.

  • Your Concrete Needs Attention! Winterizing concrete surfaces will help extend their life and use. To prepare your concrete surface for the winter months, we recommend patching and repairing the areas that show signs of damage. If the concrete surface is still level, you can apply a flexible sealant to the cracks, giving a watertight bond to help keep the damage from spreading. If the concrete surface is NOT level, a professional repair may be in order. Xcel Concrete Leveling is the professional you want to call for concrete leveling needs. We will meet with you to give you a FREE estimate and discuss the next steps to leveling your concrete.

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  • There are times that the surface of the concrete has been chipped away or crumbled a little. This is not the end… and you can apply a concrete resurface product to give the surface of the concrete a smooth appearance. A resurfacer bonds with the existing concrete to give you a smooth surface. BUT be careful: a concrete resurfacer will NOT fix an un-level surface. Un-level surfaces may require a professional to provide guidance on how to address.

Xcel Concrete Leveling has the experience and knowledge to provide you with information to make the right choice.

  • Protect Your Concrete: seal it! After cleaning up the concrete, filling in the cracks, and using a resurfacer (if needed), the final step in preserving the life of your concrete surface is to seal it—an important step to extending the longevity of your concrete surface. A sealant will help protect your concrete surface from absorbing too much water – thus reducing the chances of cracking and breaking through a cold freezing winter. Not preparing your concrete surfaces for winter could cause the surfaces to become un-level, creating a reason to call in a professional.

If you should find that your concrete surface (pool deck, stairs, driveway apron, or AC unit pad) has sunken or become un-level, Xcel Concrete Leveling can schedule a free quote to lift your concrete surface. You can also visit the quote form here on our website to provide us data on your situation. We will gladly review your information and talk to you over the phone about possible options to lift, level, or stabilize your concrete. Call us today to schedule your free consultation: 434-515-2151.

We work with many clients and various concrete surface issues, from settling concrete pool decks, stairs, patios, driveways, and garage aprons.

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